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The Role of Willard Water® in Living Beings

Water is not only the largest single constituent of nearly all living plants and animal tissues, but it also performs exceedingly important functions.  The most active parts of plants and animals contain much water, thus growing plants usually have 70 to 80 percent of water and in animals the muscles and internal organs contain 75% or more.

Among the functions performed by water in plants and animals are the following:

  1. The various nutrients can be carried from one part of the plant, or animal, or human to another part only as they are dissolved in water or held in watery suspension in the sap of the plant or the blood of the human or animal.
  2. Water has the property of chemically reacting with many types of chemical compounds and the life process could not take place without it.  For example, the digestion of food consists primarily of the breaking apart of complex food substances into much simpler ones, water being added to these simpler compounds as they’re being formed.
  3. Water enables living plants and animals to hold their shape.  This is done by the watery solutions inside the cells filling them so full that they are distended.
  4. Water is important in controlling the temperature of plants and animals.  Because of the high heat of vaporization of water (540 calories per gram), the evaporation of water is one of the most important means by which warm blooded animals keep their body temperature constant.  Also, water has a higher heat capacity than most substances.  A certain amount of heat thereby produces less increase in temperature of plants and animals than it would if these tissues were less watery.

The unique catalyst in Willard Water® is a polysilicate polymer containing calcium, magnesium, aluminum, sodium, and hydroxyl groups which can be compared to the hydro-amphiboles.  The catalyst has the property of altering the structure of water in the presence of carbonaceous or siliceous materials.

The common form of liquid water is a highly structured substance.  Through hydrogen bonding each water molecule, beneath the surface, is bonded to four other molecules of water and ad infinitum.  For water to take part in the various chemical reactions necessary to life processes, it is necessary to break the many bonds holding the molecules of water.  My patented catalyst (in Willard Water®) alters the structure of liquid water producing a significant amount of a laminated structure where the molecules are oriented in a linear type of bonding.  Therefore water in this form (altered by Willard Water®) has drastically different properties than the common form.

A comparable example would be the difference between diamonds and graphite, both of which are comprised of carbon.  Carbon in the diamond form is the hardest naturally occurring substance.  It is a non-conductor of heat and electricity and can enter into a chemical reaction only at very high temperatures.    The diamond has a very highly structured three-dimensional form of bonding.  In contrast, carbon in the graphite form has a layered structure rather than the three-dimensional type.  As a result of this different structure graphite is very soft, a good conductor of electricity and enters into many chemical reactions.  Just like the changes to the carbon produce different forms such as diamonds and graphite, the addition of the Willard Water® catalyst alters the structure of ordinary water making it much more reactive.

The unique properties of Willard Water ® are the result of action of our patented catalyst which significantly alter the molecular arrangement of the liquid water.  All the evidence that we have indicates that this new form of water altered by Willard Water® creates chains of polarized water molecules that radiate out from the colloidal.  The “new” water in these chains can penetrate openings that the molecules of “normal” water cannot.  The water molecules in this newly created chain would also be less stable (contain higher energy content) than normal water.  The Willard Water® thus is more reactive and behave “better” than normal water.  This means that the new optimized water in the body performs basic functions at a much higher level.  The body processes particles better, moves platelets to the affected areas faster and cells absorb and expel toxins better.


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