New Clinical Study Shows Drinking Willard Water® Significantly Increases the Body’s Ability to Absorb Vitamins

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We’re very happy to roll out yet another scientific study that outlines the amazing benefits of drinking Willard Water® daily.  This latest study, conducted by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger and entitled “An Examination of Willard Water’s Impact on Vitamin Efficacy,” conclusively shows that drinking Willard Water® significantly improves the absorption rates of multiple vitamin supplements including Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6.

The three month study sought to measure the impact of both Willard Water® Dark XXX and Willard Water® CLEAR on the absorption rates of various vitamins in human subjects and also sought to determine whether there is a measurable difference between Willard Water’s effects on fat soluble vs. water soluble vitamins.  Subjects underwent initial tests to determine the current absorption rates of vitamins in their bodies and then were instructed to drink Willard Water® for a period of thirty days.  After a month of drinking Willard Water® the study participants were again tested and vitamin content was measured.  According to Dr. Staninger, “Willard Water® significantly improved the efficacy of multiple vitamin absorption rates.  All study participants showed significant improvement by drinking Willard Water® over the 30 day period.”

Dr. Staninger observed that Willard Water® was effective in increasing absorption rates of fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamins E and K.  However, Staninger also found it to be far more effective on water soluble vitamins such as those in the B complex group.  “…the collective specimen pool of individuals showed significant improvement due to Willard Water’s micelle reactive properties, which allows molecules to become smaller and more effective in the reaction with other molecules opposing charges,”  Staninger continued.  “It was also observed that the vitamins that were “hydrogen” reactive, reacted significantly better with Willard Water®.”

We’re very pleased to see this study continues a long line of evidence validating the remarkable absorption effects drinking Willard Water® has on our bodies.  Nutrients and vitamins that are ingested but not fully absorbed are of no nutritional value and scientists have only recently begun to fully understand the importance of maximizing bioavailability in our bodies.  Studies like this show that Willard Water® can play a key role in expanding bioavailability and ensuring that our bodies derive the maximum benefits of the food we eat and the supplements we take.

We’re continually amazed by Dr Willard’s wonderful invention and we hope you are too!  If you’d like to read the full text of the study authorized by Dr. Staninger it’s available on our website here.

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