Exciting new study further outlines the benefits of drinking Willard Water!

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I hope this post finds you all doing exceptionally well today.  Here in the Midwest we are experiencing a warmer than average fall with temperatures hovering in the 60’s and 70’s.  Our hearts go out to our friends in the Northeastern United States, though, and we strongly encourage everyone to donate a little to the Red Cross (https://www.redcross.org/donate/index.jsp?donateStep=2&itemId=prod10002) to help those in need.

We got some exciting news last week and I’d like to take a quick minute to share some things with you all.

A couple of months ago we contracted with a cellular research lab in Oregon, NIS Labs, to conduct a series of studies with the goal of figuring out exactly what Willard Water is doing on the cellular level.  We have known for many decades that Willard Water appears to be enhancing cellular absorption and retention, but all of the studies were primarily cause and effect examinations which left many questions on how the Water is actually working.  For example, we know that adding Water to one’s vitamin supplement routine significantly reduces the amount of vitamins being flushed out in the urine and feces, a phenomenon we’ve historically attributed to increased cellular absorption and retention, but we’ve never been able to explain exactly what’s happening.  It is my hope that this series of studies eventually helps us to definitively answer those questions.

Last week we received the completed report on the first study in this series and the results are very exciting as they definitively prove that Willard Water is enhancing cellular absorption and retention.  NIS’ report on the study they conducted can be viewed on our webpage by clicking HERE.  I strongly encourage you to give it a thorough review as it provides some great insight on how Willard Water is positively affecting nutrient absorption and utilization at the cellular level.  Some highlights of the study include:

1)      This study only examined the effects of the CLEAR product.  I chose this one because it has no trace minerals and therefore any effects could only be attributed to the Willard Water catalyst.  All three products have the catalyst in them so this should be interpreted as a study that validates all of them.

2)      The study sought to measure the relative increase in absorption rates of six ingredients/solutions.  These tests were not randomly chosen as the ingredients represent different levels of natural cellular absorption.  Two of the ingredients are generally considered to be easily absorbed, two are slightly more difficult ,and two are generally considered to be extremely tough to absorb that more often than not require additional delivery solutions to ensure absorption.

3)      Willard Water increased absorption rates in five of the six test ingredients with the one exception being the Vitamin B test.  However, Dr. Jensen, the person conducting the study, said there was clearly something wrong with their B Vitamin solution and that it was not absorbed by the cells in any of the tests, including the control group, so she considers this to be a 100% successful study despite the B Vitamin problems.

4)      The effects of the Willard Water are most apparent in those solutions that are typically extremely difficult to absorb.  In fact, the delivery system Dr. Jensen used as the control in to deliver the two ingredients tocotrienal and turmeric are the best known delivery systems currently on the market for those two products and Willard Water blew both of them away.

5)      Willard Water is not behaving as a free radical scavenger as was previously thought.  Rather, it’s causing the cells to better absorb and utilize antioxidant solutions thus increasing their overall effectiveness.  Interestingly enough, this phenomenon can be most clearly seen in the failed B Vitamin samples as the addition of Willard Water significantly reduced the oxidative effect of the “bad” solution.

6)      The dilution amount are quite striking as Willard Water appears to be most effective at the lowest dilution amounts of 1:25,000.  Dr. Jensen thinks this fits nicely with our current diluting directions as the amount that actually gets to the cells in the body is probably fairly diluted as well.

While this study was a great validator, many questions about how Willard Water is actually delivering these nutrients to the cells remain to be answered.  We’re already in the process of designing the protocols for the next study and hope to have those results within the next couple of months.  In the meantime remember that it’s cold and flu season so keep drinking your Willard Water to ensure that the nutrients you’re ingesting are fully absorbed and utilized!  We often run specials through Facebook and on our website at drwillard.com so make sure you keep checking back to take advantage of our great deals!

Thank you all for your continued support of Willard Water.

Best wishes to all of you!

John Willard, III

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