New Aloe Gel

Good morning and happy June to all of you.  We are a mere 10 days from the “official” start of summer and here in the Midwest it is definitely feeling like it’s already begun.  Is it too early to start dreaming of fall?

Here at CAW Industries, we’re hoping our Dr. Willard family can provide you and your loved ones a little relief from this summer heat in the form of our brand spanking new aloe gel product.  It took us nearly two years to develop a formula that combines the amazing absorption qualities of Willard Water® with an organic, paraben-free aloe gel so we’re extremely pleased to make this announcement.  We’re also happy to report that our new Dr. Willard’s Premium Paraben-Free Aloe Gel is so much better than we ever imagined it would be.

Unlike most other aloe gels this remarkable aloe gel goes on smooth and, thanks to the Willard Water® in the product, almost immediately absorbs into the skin.  Rather than the clammy, sticky feeling one typically experiences when using aloe gel, Dr. Willard’s Premium Paraben-Free Aloe Gel leaves your skin feeling soft and dry with no hint of that annoying clammy feeling.  You’ll also immediately notice the enhanced moisturizing qualities of the gel because the Willard Water® will help your skin retain the moisture in the gel and it will keep your skin soft for hours.  This is especially important when suffering the painful effects of overexposure to the wind and sun so if you’re taking your family to the beach, be sure to arm them with our Premium Aloe Gel.  You’ll be thankful you did!

In honor of this rather momentous occasion for our small family business, we’re going to offer a short term discount on the purchase of our Premium Aloe Gel.  If you place an order for Willard Water® on our Dr. Willard’s website ( we’ll let you add a bottle or our Premium Aloe gel for 40% off.  You’ll also get free shipping so this deal is a steal!   You’d better hurry, though, as this offer is only good until July 31st, 2013.

We do hope you’re all enjoying life and living it to the fullest this summer!


John Willard
CAW Industries

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