50th + 35th Anniversaries!

Dr. Willard’s Celebrates Two Anniversaries this November!


This month is the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Willard’s miraculous catalyst water, now known simply as Dr. Willard’s Water®, as well as the 35th Anniversary of the “60 Minutes” Special that Really Put the Company on the Map Around the World.


This November, Dr. Willard’s® is proud to celebrate two important anniversaries, the 50th anniversary of the creation of our signature product, Dr. Willard’s Water®, as well as the 35th anniversary of a 60 Minutes special that featured Dr. Willard and introduced his miraculous invention to a world audience. To honor these two monumental events, we want to review the stepping-stones of the last 50 years, and how we got where we are today. It all started with the founder, Dr. John Willard, Sr. PhD, Professor of Chemistry, who created the miraculous formula for Dr. Willard’s Water® quite accidently!


Dr. Willard became interested trace minerals when he was asked to assist a team of scientists from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (SDSM&T) in analyzing items found at a nearby excavation that contained many suspected dinosaur bones.  Dr. Willard began to ponder how such large animals were able to subsist on a plant based diet and he began to theorize that the plants eaten millions of years ago must have been much more dense in nutrients and minerals that what is grown in present times.  Concurrently, he noticed that many game trails in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where SDSM&T was located, ended up at lignite deposits and that many farmers in the region fed the ashes from their coal stoves to their livestock.  Because lignite and coal are basically fossilized plants from the dinosaur age, Dr. Willard began to investigate coal’s properties to determine if there was indeed something more nutritious about the plants dinosaurs were eating.  Subsequent research confirmed his hypotheses and he set himself to developing a lignite water that would allow humans and animals to easily access these nutrients and minerals.


He was working on this new lignite water solution in the mid 1960’s when he had an idea to mix other ingredients in the water that would eventually lead to the discovery of his now famous Dr. Willard’s Water®.  First calling the product Catalyst Altered Water, Dr. Willard realized that this new formula, which also includes fossilized organics from activated carbon, amino acids, trace minerals and refined lignite, allowed the body to more aptly break down particles in nutrients, foods, minerals and even toxins in order to better ingest or process them. In turn, Dr. Willard’s Water® as it was later renamed, improved the absorption of nutrients, the removal of toxins and overall digestion and health. Essentially, the patented formula makes water a more efficient way to deliver and break down nutrients into the body.  By the mid-1970’s thousands of people in South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska and Montana were dedicated Dr. Willard’s® customers.


In November of 1980, the news about Dr. Willard’s Water® caught the attention of CBS’s network program 60 Minutes, which did an entire special about the product. Harry Reasoner, the host of the show, showed examples of fruits and vegetables that grew to great sizes thanks to Dr. Willard’s®. After the show aired, 100,000 bottles were sold in the span of a week! That segment made Dr. Willard’s® a household name, and made sales skyrocket. Today, the product is known all over the world, and Dr. Willard’s® is used on livestock, pets, people and plants.



Although Dr. Willard was certain that his new-patented formula held miraculous properties, he continued to refine it until 1984. He also dedicated the rest of his life to researching out its potential uses. He conducted tests on his product in universities around the world, such as Purdue University, the University of British Columbia and the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, and others.


Even though Dr. Willard passed away in 2009, his Dr. Willard’s® products are still manufactured and sold by the company he founded in 1973, CAW Industries Inc., which continues as a thriving family-run business in Rapid City, and whose CEO is Dr. Willard’s grandson, John Willard III.


  1. Grace Oranchuk

    How does a person know where you are getting the product and where it is manufactured I want to order a gallon of the ULtimate was contacted by a company that is offering a gallon purchase with receiving 32 ozs free
    As well am told by someone who ordered another product from the states and they say there is an International postage at 24.00/25.00 and she said the product weighed more then a gallon of liquid please respond as quickly as possible Thanks

    1. alec (Post author)

      Hi Grace, thanks for the question. Firstly, we are the only manufacturer of Dr. Willard’s products. All products with the Dr. Willard’s brand are manufactured at our headquarters in Rapid City, SD. Everyone else you see selling Dr. Willard’s products are simply distributors who buy from us first, then turn around and sell to the customer. You can always buy directly from us, the original manufacturer, if you wish.

      Secondly, we are in fact offering a special promotion through the month of December where if you buy a gallon, you’ll receive a quart absolutely free. For more details check out our post here: http://drwillard.com/blog/2015/11/december-special/

      Lastly, we’re not exactly sure what the issue was with the weight, but we may very slightly overfill gallons to make absolutely sure the customer is getting what they pay for. International shipping costs are calculated a bit differently than if we were to ship within the States, but generally we try our best to work with you. Often times we’ll split the cost of shipping on larger items like quarts and gallons to ease the burden on you, the customer.

      If you have any further questions, Grace, you can always call us at our toll free number during business hours: (888) 379-4552
      Thanks and have a great day!

    2. Ellen

      Your posting is abetulosly on the point!

  2. Debbie

    Isn’t Dec sale month- 2 for 1?

    1. alec (Post author)

      Hi Debbie,

      Currently the promotion running through December is “buy a gallon, get a quart of your choice free.” We’re seeing how customers respond to this rather than the typical BOGO we’ve done for the last few years. We’d love to hear your feedback if you have any.


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