Celebrating 60 Minutes with a Special Promotion

It was 35 years ago today that the 60 Minutes story featuring Dr. John Willard and his invention aired on national television, catapulting the local business into international popularity. Thousands of Dr. Willard’s Water® bottles were ordered in the days immediately following the broadcast, meaning Harry Reasoner and the 60 Minutes crew were largely responsible for kickstarting the brand you know and love as Dr. Willard’s today.

Originally John wanted to keep the business small so he could have total control over research, production, and marketing. He had no office, no employees, and as many touted him as a “scientist first businessman second”, he certainly did not expect his local family-owned business to reach such success on an international level. After the 60 Minutes episode aired, however, “keeping it small” simply wasn’t possible anymore. Orders came in so fast that he enlisted the help of his family to process, bottle, label, and ship out to customers around the world. John Jr., Dr. Willard’s son who helped run the business alongside his dad, claimed that his wife coming from a large family was the only way they were actually able to keep up with the demand. Riding the wave created by the 60 Minutes segment, Dr. Willard’s was able to push a staggering $900,000 in sales that year – quite the feat for such a small operation.

In order to commemorate this event, we’re offering a special promotion* on all Dr. Willard’s Water® gallon sizes! If you purchase a gallon of your favorite Dr. Willard’s Water® blend, you’ll receive a free quart of your choice. That’s right! All you have to do is navigate to the checkout screen, enter the promo code below into the ‘Comments’ dialogue box on the Payment tab along with what type of quart you would like, and continue on with your order like normal.

Promo code: SixtyM35

Seems easy enough, right? If not, you can always order from us directly at (888) 379-4552, or you can shoot us an email for additional information. Now, keep in mind, this offer lasts through the end of December, so don’t wait until it’s too late.

Head on over to our store to get your free quart today!

*Offer limited to one per household

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