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Dr. Willard’s Reviews Our Patented Concentrates and Gels

Since we’re in the middle of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the invention of Dr. Willard’s Water®, we thought it would be the perfect time to re emphasize the many benefits of our products, as well as explain the similarities and differences of our CLEAR™, Dark™ and Ultimate concentrates, as well as some of the gels.

History Behind our Products

It is hard to believe that 50 years has already passed since Dr. Willard’s Water® was invented by the founder of the company, Dr. John Willard, Sr. PhD, Professor of Chemistry. Dr. Willard “accidentally” discovered this new formula while trying to develop a trace mineral water out of lignite.  When mixing regular water with lignites and other materials, such as fossilized organics from activated carbon, amino acids and trace minerals, the scientist realized that he was able to change the molecular structure of regular water and create his patented micelle catalyst. The new solution was first termed Catalyst Altered Water because Dr. Willard noticed it was boosting many bodily functions and thus he theorized his new solution was acting as a catalyst in the body. This CAW micelle, created during the process of developing Dr. Willard’s Water, is a small, but very high energy particle with a powerful negative magnetic field, that causes the formation of “a catalyst that alters the structure of water, making water behave in a manner that heretofore has not been reported in the literature” as stated by Dr. Willard, himself. The new water is more reactive that typical water since is able to break down nutrients to be better absorbed by the body, as well as break down toxins to help them be excreted from the body via the bloodstream. By breaking down nutrients in the food we eat and the supplements we consume, Dr. Willard’s Water® helps us absorb more vitamins and minerals into our bodies.

This complex formula is used by thousands of people worldwide to maintain optimum health, as well as to aid their agriculture to grow more healthy and abundant. Research has proven that when animals and plants ingest Dr. Willard’s Water®, it is able to improve the removal of toxins as well as deliver nutrients to cells through the bloodstream.

Willard Water® products

For fifty years people from all over the world have been drinking Willard Water® products to help maintain optimum health, increase absorption of vital vitamins and nutrients and increase free radical scavenging through better antioxidant absorption.  Like any scientist Dr. Willard continued to refine and update his formula throughout the rest of his life and as a result there are now three distinct Willard Water® products.  While all three Willard Water® products contain the same basic formulation of catalyst and lignite, the differences in concentration of these ingredients have been found to affect usage and effectiveness on a variety of different levels.

Willard Water® CLEAR™ Concentrate

The Willard Water® CLEAR Concentrate is the first product developed by Dr. Willard and remains the most popular.  It is usually recommended for first time customers in a large part because it has no taste when added to water and many of the studies done on Willard Water® products were done on the CLEAR. This formula contains a strong dose of the micelle catalyst (twice as many as in the DARK Concentrate), but not as many trace minerals as the DARK and ULTIMATE.  This formula is recommended for those individuals that are getting their trace minerals from other sources, but want to enhance nutrient absorption and detoxification caused by the patented micelle catalyst.  Many people also use it as a supplement to their daily vitamin regimen or as an additive to their green tea to maximize absorption of the antioxidants in green tea.  It’s also a wonderful product for those who care about the alkalinity of the water they drink.

This formula must be diluted according to instructions to ensure maximum effectiveness; add one liquid ounce (two tablespoons) of The Willard Water® CLEAR™ Concentrate to one gallon of distilled, spring, filtered or tap water. We recommend drinking at least four glasses of diluted CLEAR per day.

Dr. Willard’s Water® DARK™ Concentrate

Dr. Willard’s Water® DARK™ Concentrate has about half the patented catalyst of the CLEAR™ Concentrate, but a much higher concentration of fossilized organics (activated carbon, amino acids, 19 trace minerals and other desirable ingredients obtained from lignite, the fossil remains of plants grown 50 million years ago). This formula is most beneficial for individuals that want to maximize their trace mineral intake; trace minerals have been shown to help build strong bones and teeth, as well as regulate the body’s energy, work as an antioxidant, and help in nerve impulse transmission and muscle contraction

The DARK must be diluted according to instructions to ensure maximum effectiveness: Add two liquid ounces (four tablespoons) of Dr. Willard’s Water® DARK Concentrate to one gallon of distilled, spring, filtered or tap water. Do not use carbonated water.

Dr. Willard’s Water® ULTIMATE Concentrate

Dr. Willard’s Water® ULTIMATE Concentrate is really the “ultimate” choice when deciding which formula to purchase because it offers the same concentration of trace minerals as the DARK, as well as the same amount of the patented catalyst as the CLEAR™ Concentrate. This formula is most recommended for the assimilation of nutrients, as well as the removal of toxins, and works as a free radical scavenger.

The ULTIMATE Concentrate must be diluted according to instructions to ensure maximum effectiveness: add one liquid ounce (two tablespoons) of Dr. Willard’s Water® ULTIMATE Concentrate to one gallon of distilled, spring, filtered or tap water. Do not use carbonated water.

Dr. Willard’s Water® Topical Gel

Using some of the ingredients of our concentrates, we created a Topical Gel, which has been a hit with customers for over 30 years! This contains our patented, secret formula, along with Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Allantoin; ingredients which are fragrance and toxin-free, and soothe the skin.

Dr. Willard’s Water® Aloe Gel

In response to customer demand for a great skin care product, this Aloe Gel was developed, joining the cellular absorption and moisture retention qualities of Willard Water® with the incredible properties of Aloe Vera. Even though the Aloe plant has been used for thousands of years, when combined with Willard Water®, its medicinal properties are enhanced.

The Aloe Gel can be used daily to moisturize the skin, as a treatment after sunburn or overexposure to the sun, or as a pre-shave or aftershave.

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    I’ve been using it for 30 years .. It has gotten rid of warts … Cut the amount of washer soap in half and many other uses… Thank you!

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      Thanks for being a loyal customer!


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