The amazing benefits of PlantCatalyst

Help Your Plants, Flowers, Vegetables and Fruit Grow and Flourish with Dr. Willard’s PlantCatalyst®!

Dr. Willard’s is on a mission to improve the health of all living things on the planet! While our products offer health benefits to people and pets, we also have a line for plants. Our patented formula includes the beneficial health properties of Dr. Willard’s Water®, but is specifically designed to treat plants.

What is PlantCatalyst®?

PlantCatalyst® is a treatment for plants that contains the secret patented formula of Willard’s, which is proven to help aid in nutrient absorption, in addition to lignite coal and inorganic salts. Gardeners and farmers around the world have attested to the efficiency of the product for the last 45 years. Essentially, this plant treatment contains a formula that changes water’s molecular structure, making it more reactive and efficient, which allows nutrients to be better absorbed by different organisms, such as those of plants, animals and humans. In 1970’s, it was patented by its founder, Dr. John Willard, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry.

What does PlantCatalyst® Do?

Due to the patented micelle catalyst that transforms regular water, in addition to the other ingredients, PlantCatalyst® helps nutrients to be better delivered to and retained by the plants’ cells, while expelling more toxins; as a result, the product offers the following benefits:

  •  Helps plants grow faster, larger, greener, more flavorful and aromatic
  • Helps plants be healthier and resist disease
  • Improves the germination of seeds
  • Helps plants bloom faster and earlier than usual
  • Helps plants bear more fruit and flowers
  • Improves the fertility of soil
  • Helps nutrients to be delivered to soil and plants
  • Prolongs the life of cut flowers
  • Helps to decrease water used

How Should PlantCatalyst® Be Used?

PlantCatalyst® is advised to be utilized in addition to regular fertilizers and nutrients, although it may call for smaller amounts to be used, as much as 30-50% less. Depending on each gardener or farmer’s needs, PlantCatalyst® should be used according to the suggestions below; for more detailed instructions, please visit:


Seeds should be soaked overnight in one gallon of water with the addition of one ounce of PlantCatalyst®. After planting, the seeds should be sprayed every day with the diluted PlantCatalyst® solution. After the plants have sprouted, the solution should only be applied once or twice a week throughout their lifespan.


Prior to planting, soak or spray seeds, rock wool cubes and/ or cuttings using a mixture of one ounce of PlantCatalyst® to one gallon of water; then spray them daily during the germination cycle. Add two ounces of PlantCatalyst® for every 50 gallons of water, along with regular nutrients and fertilizers. Then, use the product daily in your foliar spray routine.


Seeds should be soaked overnight in one gallon of water with the addition of one ounce of PlantCatalyst®. Add two ounces of the formula for every 50 gallons of water or treatment solution to use as a pre-planting treatment, or mix three ounces of PlantCatalyst® per 50 gallons of water/fertilizer solution to use with a fertilizer, making sure to lower the amount of the fertilizer used by half.

What Evidence is there that PlantCatalyst is Effective?

PlantCatalyst® has been used by thousands of farmers and gardeners worldwide, as well as tested and reviewed by various reputable universities, commercial greenhouse operators and laboratories. The most recent proof to the product’s effectiveness came from the Department of Biology & Microbiology at South Dakota State University. In a yet-to-be-published study, Impact of PlantCatalyst® on Seed Germination, Flowering, Vegetative Growth and Fruit Production in Hydroponic Culture, the university found significant evidence that PlantCatalyst® played a big role in speeding up the time it took plants to grow. The study found that the “average time of seed germination in beans, lettuce and tomatoes was significantly reduced, by 7%, 12%, and 4% respectively, when treated with PlantCatalyst®. In the commercial greenhouse, PlantCatalyst® significantly increased production of mixed variety lettuce by 13%, tomatoes by 24%, bell peppers by 46% and jalapenos by 52%.”

In 1994, Florida’s Strickland Regis Greenhouse owners Ralph and Sylvia Strickland documented their experience of using Dr. Willard’s PlantCatalyst® on their plants. In a video that they produced, they showed how the product helped their plants and roots grow much more quickly.

Furthermore, University of Wisconsin’s Dr. Keith Kelling of the Department of Soil Science, led a study that found that Dr. Willard’s PlantCatalyst® played a big role in increasing the yield and root growth of plants when used with other nutrient absorption enhancers. To date, this formula has been reviewed and found to be effective by individual gardeners, commercial farmers, and other studies.

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  1. Ted

    I’m about ready to wrap up my schooling on environmental horticulture. Like more information. Thanks Ted

    1. alec (Post author)

      You can always check out the other articles on our website Ted. You’re sure to find all sorts of great posts related to gardening and horticulture here:

  2. shawn

    Is this organic?

    1. alec (Post author)

      Hi Shawn, it’s pretty darn close – roughly 99.9% organic, made with natural ingredients. You can check the labels for a detailed list of what goes into products like PlantCatalyst.


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