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Dr. Willard’s Celebrates the Success of Their Pet Line of Products!

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, one of the things the Willard family is thankful for is the unconditional love they have received from their rescue dog, Aspen. Aspen has not only brought joy to the Willard household, but was the very inspiration for the company’s pet line, which has now helped to improve the health of pets around the world. In this article, we will recount how the journey with Aspen began.

When the company’s CEO, John Willard III, and his wife decided to adopt a pet, they knew they wanted a Great Pyrenees and they knew they wanted an older dog. Older big dogs are typically harder to place with families and the Willards wanted to make a difference in one dog’s life. To do this, they contacted a pet rescue foundation called Big Dogs, Huge Paws, Inc. This rescue operates in Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado, and focuses on rescuing big and huge dogs, such as “Great Danes, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundlands, Saint Bernards, Mastiffs, Irish Wolfhounds, and Scottish Deerhounds.” While most pet foundations focus on rescuing animals, Big Dogs, Huge Paws takes it a step further by evaluating the behavior and health of their dogs. They interview prospective adoptive parents to make sure the family would be a good fit for the dog, and vice versa. The knowledgeable staff then train the family on each breed’s specific health and behavioral issues, as well as what will be needed to properly take care of the animal.

When the Willard’s took Aspen, a Great Pyrenees, home, they made sure to make an appointment to a veterinarian to evaluate his physical and mental state. They were very upset to hear that Aspen was not doing as well as they had hoped; due to the abuse and neglect he received in his former environment, the doctor predicted that he would be facing chronic arthritis as well as other health issues. Furthermore, since he was shaved at the rescue because his coat was so tangled, the vet believed that Aspen wouldn’t be able to regrow his beautiful coat.

John decided that he had to do something to help Aspen, and realized that Dr. Willard’s products would be the answer. While there was not a specific Dr. Willard’s® pet product line at the time, John recalled the many accounts of customers who have shared stories throughout the years of how they had used Dr. Willard’s Water® products to help their pets. Many natural products pet publications had actually endorsed using Dr. Willard’s Water® to help address and alleviate a variety of pet conditions. In fact, the well respected natural dog publication, the Whole Dog Journal, had only recently published an amazing feature on Dr. Willard’s Water® that outlined a host of applications as reported by their readers so it was on John’s mind.

Deciding to try the products out on Aspen, the Willard family was thrilled when they saw positive changes in his health and look. One of the very first things they noticed was that Aspen’s coat began to regrow, something the vet predicted would not happen. Second, Aspen seemed to become much more mobile, able to run without being affected by his arthritis. Finally, he seemed much happier and calmer, which he has remained still to this day.

After witnessing firsthand the beneficial effects of Dr. Willard’s® products on his own dog, John knew he had to make a pet line to help other owners. This spring, the Dr. Willard’s® Pet Care Kit was officially added to the Dr. Willard’s® line of products. This holistic kit includes three non-toxic products made with natural ingredients:

Dr. Willard’s® Vibrant Pet Water Drops – These drops offer additional benefits of hydration for dogs. Providing pets with clean drinking water with the secret catalyst in the Dr. Willard’s® patented formula, this product improves water’s biological functions to help with digestion and nutrient absorption, as well as behavior and performance. This means that your pets will get more vitamins from the same amount of food they consumed before. In addition, these drops serve as a whole-body tonic for pets; when added to fur, they lead to an improved look and feel. Furthermore, owners report that their pets have been calmer and less stressed upon regular use of the Vibrant Pet Drops.

Dr. Willard’s® Rejuvenating Skin and Coat Spray – This topical application has been beneficial in promoting a shiny and healthy coat, as well as treating pets’ skin disorders, such as hot spots, scrapes, burns, abrasions and cuts. It also helps with pain tolerance, traumatic injuries and arthritis.

Dr. Willard’s® Aloe Gel for Pets – Aloe Vera has been heralded for its health benefits for hundreds of years. Our aloe gel for pets helps to treat infections as well as burns, cuts, wounds, and skin disorders. It can be given to dogs internally by adding some gel to their food, or topically, by applying the gel to their coats or skin.

Aspen’s path to better health is a feel-good story we’re happy to be able to share. We hope it servers as inspiration to all the pet owners out there. Have you seen positive changes in your dogs after using Dr. Willard’s® products? Let us know in the comment section below, or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

You can check out all of our pet products, including our Pet Care Kit, here.

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