The Ultimate Green Tea Mixture

For many of us, coffee has become part of our daily morning ritual. Without it we feel less awake, less energetic, less focused. Our productivity may drop and we might even become snappy or irritable. Coffee has been shown to have many health benefits, but with those benefits comes a long list of downsides. What if there was a way we could get all the positives from coffee but suffer almost none of the side effects?  The answer is green tea!

You may have heard of it, or perhaps you’ve actually tried it before but weren’t fond of the taste. Whatever the case may be the research is clear – green tea is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. Below we’ll be going over some reasons as to why you should make the switch as soon as possible.

Antioxidant Activity

Green tea has powerful polyphenols that actually aid in the fight against free radicals. These free radicals are believed to be responsible for certain types of cell and DNA damage linked to aging and disease.  It’s also a great source of Vitamin C, which is known to be a natural antioxidant.

Cancer Prevention

It’s well documented that the oxidation and the rapid uncontrolled growth of cells contributes to the development of cancer. By reducing the oxidation of cells and introducing more antioxidants to your system, cancer rates have shown to decrease significantly among both men and women. One study in Japan indicated that males who drank green tea were 48% less likely to develop advanced prostate cancer. Another showed that women had a 22% lower risk of developing breast cancer, the most common type of cancer found in women.  While scientific research is never truly finished, the correlation is apparent – green tea has powerful medicinal properties.

Brain Function

What’s good for the body is good for the mind. If you relied primarily on coffee’s ability to wake you up in the morning, you should be aware that tea may also contain small amounts of caffeine, but a little goes a long way. While many suffer from “caffeine jitters” after they’ve had their morning brew, green tea has the ability to wake you up without nasty side effects like anxiety, restlessness, or nausea.

Green tea also appears to stimulate brain function and prevent things like dementia. The frequency of which you drink didn’t seem to make a huge difference either, with the range being from one to six days a week.

L-theanine is an amino acid that has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. It increases the activity of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, which has anti-anxiety effects, and it also increases dopamine and the production of alpha waves.

Vitamin Abundance

High quality brands of green tea are likely to contain common essential vitamins that our bodies use every day. This includes vitamins C & B2, which maintain healthy skin, β-carotene, which maintains your ability to see in the dark, and Vitamin E, which is a naturally occurring antioxidant known to prevent many types of diseases related to the brain and digestive system. Although these vitamins are readily available, much goes to waste because our bodies are inefficient at absorbing nutrients from the food and water we eat and drink. So what can we do? Dr. John Willard, a chemistry professor at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, stumbled upon a formula 50 years ago that answers this very question.

Quite accidentally, Dr. Willard created a solution that changed the molecular structure of water, allowing for the assimilation of vitamins and nutrients to be done in a much more efficient manner. This came to be known as Dr. Willard’s Water. Now, what does Dr. Willard’s invention have to do with green tea? Rather conveniently, Dr. Willard’s Water is required to be diluted with any non-carbonated beverage for maximum effectiveness. Yes, this includes green tea! We can combine the numerous medicinal properties of tea with the patented CAW micelle that bolsters vitamin and nutrient uptake, detoxifies and flushes wastes out of your body cleanly, and serves as a powerful free radical scavenger fighting off degenerative diseases associated with old age, all in one 8oz glass, gallon, or anything in-between depending on what you prefer. Testing has shown that subjects drinking Dr. Willard’s Water had little to no undigested nutrients in their wastes which means their bodies absorbed far more of the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain optimum health.

Put down the coffee and bring out the tea! We highly recommend diluting Dr. Willard’s Water with your favorite brand of green tea for the ultimate health conscious beverage. You’ll notice an improvement in many areas of your overall health and you’ll never want to go back to coffee again.

To get your own bottle of Dr. Willard’s today, head on over to our store. We’re currently running a special – receive a free quart when you purchase a gallon of any Dr. Willard’s Water blend!

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