Dr. Willard’s® Spreads the Word About Adopt-A-Cat Month®

The American Humane Association designated June as Adopt-A-Cat Month® to encourage individuals and families to consider saving the life of a cat. As spring is “kitten season,” the time of the year when the most kittens are born, shelters are overwhelmed with the amount of cats and kittens that they have to take care of. About 20 millions kittens were due to be born last spring, and there are not enough resources in shelters to care for them all. This is why Dr. Willard’s® is urging all our readers to consider expanding their family by adopting a cat. To help with this process, we composed a Five Step Checklist for Cat Adoptions.

Five Step Checklist for Cat Adoptions

  1. Find a Shelter

Cats have been shown to help their owners relax by their sweet purring sounds, in addition to providing companionship. If you want to get a cat, don’t head to the pet store or a breeder, but save the life of a shelter cat instead. Although some people don’t have the time to visit dozens of shelters to find a cat suitable for them, it’s now easier than ever to find a match online. Websites like petfinder.com (over 280,000 pets from over 13,000 shelters nationwide) can narrow down your search by specifics such as breed, age, location and even gender. Other organizations to consider are animalleague.org and allpaws.com.

2. Narrow Down Your Specifics

Cats are like people, with different personalities and needs. However, cat breeds often have predictable behaviors; for example, American Curl cats have no problem living in the same house as children and even other pets, while the Russian Blue and the Himalayan cats prefer a quieter lifestyle and may not be comfortable with the noise and the hustle and bustle that come with children.

3. Make Preparations

Before you bring your cat home, you need to prepare for its arrival. You need to purchase supplies, such as a cat bed, litter box and litter, grooming supplies (brush, nail clippers and toothbrush), a scratching post, bowls, and cat food.

Make sure to order Dr. Willard’s® Pet Products to immediately set up a healthy routine of taking care of your cat. While many conventional cat products contain harmful ingredients that may irritate your cat’s coat or cause them to have allergies, our Pet Care Kit is made with all natural ingredients that will boost your pet’s health without any negative side effects.

You can use Dr. Willard’s® Vibrant Pet Water Drops to promote your cat’s general health. Add one teaspoon of the diluted formula to your cat’s water to help it maintain its freshness and lower the cat’s stress levels. Additionally, you can use Dr. Willard’s® Rejuvenating Skin and Coat Spray for Pets as a topical spray to alleviate arthritis and joint pain; pink eye; hot spots; throat, nose, skin and fur irritation; as well as provide short-term relief from scrapes, burns and itching.

4. Pick a Veterinarian

It is important to bring your cat to the vet as soon as possible after adoption. This is so that the vet can examine them and point out any health problems or issues that you may be concerned about. Since vets are often busy, it is a good idea to research a good vet and make an appointment ahead of time so you don’t have to wait weeks to bring your new pet in.

5. Educate Everyone in the Family

Adding a new member to the family can be an exciting time, especially for small children. It is important to educate everyone in your household about expectations for bringing home your cat, as well as training and raising them. At first, confine the pet to one room with all their supplies so not to overwhelm them, and slowly introduce members of the family one at a time, allowing the cat to have their own space and decide when to interact.

Make sure everyone is aware that small items cannot be left on the floor, as cats, especially kittens, can chew on everything from electric cables to Legos, and don’t leave food around that is not cat-friendly.

6. Show us your furry friends on our Facebook or Twitter page

Enter to win a Dr. Willard’s® Pet Care Kit ($80 Value) for you and a friend by participating in our Best Cat Selfie Contest! Post a selfie on our facebook or twitter page of yourself with your cat and use #DRWselfie. Deadline to enter is 6/26/16. The winner will be announced on 6/30/16.

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