Sun Safety Week Tips

Celebrate National Sun Safety Week with Dr. Willard’s®!

June 5-11, 2016 is National Sun Safety Week, a time when it’s important to think about safe ways to protect ourselves from the sun to lower the cases of skin cancer in the United States. With the temperatures rising around the country, June is the time to stock up on essentials for the beach, a summer vacation, or simple outdoor fun.

June is also designated as National Cataract Awareness Month. Cataracts refers to the eye lenses becoming cloudy, leading to vision loss; they are the main cause of vision loss in the country, according to One of the causes of cataracts is exposure to UV rays, which also causes skin cancer. This is why it is important to protect both your body and your eyes on sunny days.

Tips on Protecting Your Body and Eyes During the Summer

Avoid Peak UV Rays

When heading outside, check your watch first! Avoid being under the sun between 10AM and 4PM as the UV rays are at their worse at this time. If you do need to be outside, seek a shady spot. However, remember that you still need sunscreen, even in the shade!

Also, check your local UV Index to see what days have the highest risk of UV radiation overexposure to plan outside activities.


“People get skin cancers, the most serious being melanoma, because we get too much exposure to the sunlight,” says Dr. Leonard Sender on CHOC’s Children’s Foundation site.” Perhaps the most vital accessory to have on hand is sunscreen; however, the Dr. cautions, “most people don’t put enough on. We recommend about an ounce for each area of exposed skin, i.e. leg or arm.”

With so many sunscreens on the market today, which one should you choose? An InStyle writer explains that every dermatologist she asked recommends zinc oxide mineral sunscreens, which are “the only real way to prevent skin damage and premature aging.” Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide don’t penetrate the skin’s layers, but sit on top of skin to prevent harmful UVA and UVB rays. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for mineral sunscreens to start working, they protect you from the sun the minute you put them on! “Zinc oxide is EWG’s first choice for sun protection,” seconds the organization.


To block the UV rays that cause cataracts, research the sunglasses you purchase. Brand name or expensive sunglasses are not guaranteed to block UV light; therefore look for a pair that blocks 99 to 100 percent of UV. Look for guarantees of “total UV,” “UVA and UVB protection” or “UV absorption up to 400nm,” according to The Sun Safety Alliance.

Drink Up!

Have plenty of drinks on hand to cool your body down under the hot sun, which is especially important for those that are playing sports or being active on a hot or humid day. Avoid sugary sodas that will spike your blood sugar levels, and opt for water instead. For a refreshing treat, squeeze some lemon or lime into the water.

Dr. Willard’s® Aloe Gel

Our premium Aloe Gel should be part of your summer care routine. We combined organic aloe with Willard Water’s® cellular absorption qualities to create a product that is able to rehydrate the skin to reduce the symptoms of sun and windburns. But that’s not all – using this product daily will help to moisturize the skin, and it can serve as a shave or pre-shave cream by conditioning the skin!

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