Celebrating “Man’s Best Friend”

Dr. Willard’s® is committed to promoting awareness for dog adoptions and to giving back! We donate $.25 from the sale of every Dr. Willard’s® Pet Product to Big Dogs Huge Paws. So far, we have donated $1,500, and are excited to announce that we cut our fourth $500 check to the organization in June!

The Willard family has a special affinity for Big Dogs Huge Paws because they adopted their own rescue dog, Aspen, from there. This organization focuses on rescuing big dog breeds, such as Great Danes, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundlands, Saint Bernards, Mastiffs (All Types), Irish Wolfhounds, and Scottish Deerhounds. They focus on providing both medical and behavioral evaluations for their dogs with the help of a medical and veterinary team, and place the pets according to their individual needs. They work with families to pick the right dog for them, as well as train them on proper ways of taking care of their new addition. Additionally, this organization promotes public awareness about the adoption needs of big dogs.

We encourage all our readers to buy our products, not just because your purchase will support this great organization, but because our Dr. Willard’s® Pet Products offer many benefits to your pets.

Dr. Willard’s® Pet Products includes non-toxic products made with all natural ingredients:

Dr. Willard’s® Vibrant Pet Water Drops – These drops improve water’s biological function to help with digestion and nutrient absorption, as well as improve the dog’s behavior and performance. This product serves as a whole-body tonic for pets, improving the dogs’ coats and lowering stress levels.

Dr. Willard’s® Rejuvenating Skin and Coat Spray – This topical application creates a shiny and healthy coat, and helps soothe and alleviate skin disorders from things such as hot spots, scrapes, and minor abrasions and cuts.

Dr. Willard’s® Aloe Gel for Pets – This product helps to treat burns, cuts, wounds, skin disorders and infections.

The beneficial properties of using Dr. Willard’s® Pet Products have been heralded not only in messages from our customers, but also in articles. The 1997 edition of the Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care explained that Dr. Willard’s® Pet Products were tested on animals for years, and the results showed absolutely no negative side effects – only benefits. Such benefits include ”improved digestion, calmness, improved coat luster and eye sparkle, improved gait, resistance to stress-related illness and increased immunity.” The article also stated that Dr. Willard’s® Pet Products helped alleviate the effects of cuts, burns, and wounds.

Additionally, the Whole Dog Journal published an article in 2006 confirming the many benefits of using Dr. Willard’s® Pet Products.  The article cited several ways in which it recommends using Dr. Willard’s® Pet Products and even featured a holistic veterinarian from North Carolina who had been using Dr. Willard’s® Pet Products on a variety of issues since 1983.

To learn more about Big Dogs Huge Paws, visit here. Or to purchase a Dr. Willard’s® Pet Care Kit, click here.

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