Woof Woof! It’s National Dog Week!


While most dog owners celebrate their furry best friends and the love they bring into their households every day, the Willard family wants to honor the memory of their beloved dog Aspen on August 26, National Dog Day. Read this article to find out about Aspen’s story, and how he came to inspire the creation of Dr. Willard’s® Pet Line.

John Willard III, the CEO of Dr. Willard’s®, and his wife, wanted to welcome a dog into their home, so they contacted Big Dogs, Huge Paws, Inc., a rescue foundation that focuses on saving the lives of big and huge dogs, such as Great Danes, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundlands, Saint Bernards, Mastiffs, Irish Wolfhounds, and Scottish Deerhounds. This organization not only finds homes for rescue dogs, but makes sure that the placement is a good fit by interviewing potential adoptive families and training them on each breed’s possible issues as related to health and behavior, as well as providing tips on taking care of the dog.

Aspen, a Great Pyrenees, was immediately taken to a veterinarian to assess his health. John and his wife were greatly saddened and extremely concerned to hear that Aspen was formerly abused, an experience that would leave him facing chronic arthritis and a myriad of health concerns. The vet predicted that Aspen wouldn’t be able to regrow his coat back after it was shaved at the rescue.

Fortunately, John remembered that many of his clients used Dr. Willard’s® human supplement, Willard Water®, for their pets, and reported miraculous results. This was also documented in a 1980 60 Minutes special, which informed viewers about the patented formula’s ability to help dogs absorb more nutrients and vitamins, which helped them be calmer and improved their general well being. A 2000 edition of Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog supported these results by reporting that aggressive dogs were able to be calmed with the help of Willard Water®.

After giving Willard Water® to Aspen, the Willard family witnessed the positive results for themselves. Despite the vet’s concerns, Aspen’s coat started to grow back better than ever. He also seemed to have a lot more energy and was not as restricted by his arthritis. He was overall much more jovial and happy-go-lucky, which he remained until he passed away at the age of 13  in August of this year.

Although the Willard family mourns the loss of Aspen, they are able to honor his life with the creation of Dr. Willard’s® Pet Line, which was released last year. This pet kit contains the same catalyst-altered water as Willard Water®, with additional benefits for pets; it contains:

Dr. Willard’s Vibrant Pet Water Drops – These drops offer additional benefits of hydration for dogs. Providing pets with clean drinking water with the secret catalyst in the Dr. Willard’s patented formula, this product improves water’s biological functions to help with digestion and nutrient absorption, as well as behavior and performance. This means that your pets will get more vitamins from the same amount of food they consumed before. In addition, these drops serve as a whole-body tonic for pets; when added to fur, they lead to an improved look and feel. Furthermore, owners report that their pets have been calmer and less stressed upon regular use of the Vibrant Pet Drops.

Dr. Willard’s Rejuvenating Skin and Coat Spray – This topical application has been beneficial in promoting a shiny and healthy coat, as well as treating pets’ skin disorders, such as hot spots, scrapes, burns, abrasions and cuts. It also helps with pain tolerance, traumatic injuries and arthritis.

Dr. Willard’s Aloe Gel for Pets – Aloe Vera has been heralded for its health benefits for hundreds of years. Our aloe gel for pets helps to treat infections as well as burns, cuts, wounds, and skin disorders. It can be given to dogs internally by adding some gel to their food, or topically, by applying the gel to their coats or skin.

How will you honor National Dog Week? We can recommend two ways! First, treat your existing dogs the way they deserve to be treated, by purchasing products with all natural ingredients, such as the Dr. Willard’s® Pet Line. Second, consider saving the life of a dog by adopting from a rescue or a shelter!



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