Fall Pet Care Tips!

Importance of Promoting Your Pet’s Health in Changing Weather

As the weather around the country is cooling off, most of us are getting ready for winter by purchasing warmer clothes and shoes. One important family member that we shouldn’t forget in preparation for the changing weather is our pet. Although our furry friends may not require sweaters and boots (although some do look adorable in them); there are other ways we can promote their health by addressing typical issues that occur with weather change, such as:


Although fleas are most prevalent in the summer, fleas tend to gather on fallen leaves, which are common in the fall. To prevent fleas from attacking your pet, clean leaves around your property, and try to avoid leaves on the ground when taking your dog for a walk. Check your dog and cat for fleas regularly, making sure to treat the issue if it does occur right away before it gets out of control.


Many people complain that their arthritis acts up when the temperature gets cold, and the same may be true for pets, as cooler weather can make their joints stiffer. To prevent this, keep your dogs inside on especially cold or rainy days, and keep the house warm even when you are not home.

If you must take your pets outside, consider purchasing sweaters or jackets that will keep their hips and legs warm and dry. If you notice that your pet’s joints are becoming stiff, give them a gentle massage or a warm towel or blanket right out of the dryer. Also, Dr. Willard’s® Rejuvenating Skin and Coat Spray, is a topical application made with all natural ingredients that publications like Whole Dog Journal have suggested will help with achy joints.


Changes in barometric pressure (atmospheric air pressure) and static electric fields caused by weather changes can make some people dizzy, cause stomach upset and generate stress, and the same can be true for dogs and cats. Dogs have a much keener sense of smell and their hearing is 20 times more sensitive than human hearing; as such, they are more sensitive to storms and lighting. “The connection between imminent weather changes and our dogs knowing about them before we do, and often times their trying to tell us about them, is something so many of us have experienced or heard about,” states an article in Cesar’s Way. Many cats and dogs panic, bark and even defecate when they are nervous or scared because of an impending storm.

Instead of punishing pets for their “bad” behavior, help them manage their stress levels with various strategies; it is advantageous to see what works best for your pet. Some are soothed with calming music, while others like feeling safe in the confines of their crate.

There are natural solutions that can help calm your dog, such as melatonin, which can help reduce your pet’s anxiety for up to eight hours, as well as Dr. Willard’s® Pet Products, which have been proven by the 1997 edition of the Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care to help pets remain calm without any negatives side effects. Many pet owners have specifically stated that they noticed a reduction in their pets’ anxiety with the use of Dr. Willard’s® Vibrant Pet Water Drops.

Help your pet’s mental and physical health during times of weather change and all year round by adding Dr. Willard’s® Pet Products, made with natural ingredients and no harmful toxic ingredients, to their daily regimen. Products include:

Dr. Willard’s® Vibrant Pet Water Drops – These drops offer additional benefits of hydration for dogs. Providing pets with clean drinking water with the secret catalyst in the Dr. Willard’s® patented formula, this product improves water’s biological functions to help with digestion and nutrient absorption, as well as behavior and performance. This means that your pets will get more vitamins from the same amount of food they consumed before. In addition, these drops serve as a whole-body tonic for pets; when added to fur, they lead to an improved look and feel. Furthermore, owners report that their pets have been calmer and less stressed upon regular use of the Vibrant Pet Drops.

Dr. Willard’s® Rejuvenating Skin and Coat Spray – This topical application has been beneficial in promoting a shiny and healthy coat, as well as treating pets’ skin disorders, such as hot spots, scrapes, burns, abrasions and cuts. It also helps with pain tolerance, traumatic injuries and arthritis.

Dr. Willard’s® Aloe Gel for Pets – Aloe Vera has been heralded for its health benefits for hundreds of years. Our aloe gel for pets helps to treat infections as well as burns, cuts, wounds, and skin disorders. It can be given to dogs internally by adding some gel to their food, or topically, by applying the gel to their coats or skin.

Fall in love with Dr. Willard’s® Pet Products!




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