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Good morning my friends! I hope this blog finds you all doing great and enjoying a prosperous and happy 2017 so far.
As I write this from Rapid City, South Dakota the temperature is somewhere around fifteen degrees, we’ve had snow on the ground for several months, and everyone here has the look of a Game of Thrones character who has endured the generations long endless winter. Yet here I am writing a note about seed germination and the importance of growing strong plants for your summer garden. And nothing could make me happier. The fact that I’m writing this means the end of winter is near and we can finally start thinking about the wonderful fruit and vegetables we’ll be growing, and eating, soon.
I’m also very excited to be writing this post because we’re about to enter the first full growing season since the publication of the amazing PlantCatalyst® study in one of the USA’s most respected agricultural scientific journals, the American Journal of Plant Nutrition and Fertilization Technology. The publication was the result of a comprehensive three year study on the PlantCatalyst® and it provided scientific proof of what our customers have known for more than 40 years. The study conclusively proved that PlantCatalyst® significantly increases seed germination, growth rates, plant strength and health, and, most importantly, yield. The study’s results were, frankly, amazing and showed that simply adding PlantCatalyst® to the growing regimen generated 24% more tomatoes, 46% more bell peppers and a whopping 52% more jalapeño peppers! The effects on germination and early growth were equally eye popping with a reduction in germination timelines of nearly 15% and significant increases in the size and strength of the plants out of germination. And we did all of this while reducing fertilizer by 50%! You can read the full text of the study here.
As you all start to think about planting and/or getting ready for your gardens I hope you’ll remember the amazing impact PlantCatalyst® can have on your garden. Using PC will help you to reduce fertilizer costs, reduce losses during germination, better withstand unanticipated stressful events, and increase the numbers of fruits and vegetables you’ll be enjoying!
To help convince you to give us a shot we’re running a one time introductory special on our 8 oz PlantCatalyst® product that will be nearly half off the regular price! We’ll send you two 8 oz PlantCatalyst® bottles for the price of $19.95 and we’ll pay for the shipping! Like all of our products the PC is a concentrate that’s designed to be diluted and you’ll only need 16 oz of PC to last the entire summer so this is an amazing deal. Not only will you be able to reduce fertilizer and nutrient costs by half, but you’ll also get more plants and significantly more fruits and vegetables.
To order just visit our website at and use the code PC2017 or call us at 888-379-4552.
I hope you’re as excited as I am to start the growing season and I very much look forward to hearing all of your wonderful success stories next fall!
John Willard III

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