Say Hooray for National Agricultural Day!

Every March 21st we celebrate National Agricultural Day, or National Ag Day, which falls during National Ag Week ( March 19-25 in 2017). This is a time when we as a society should take to reflect on the importance agriculture plays in our lives, and recognize its abundance.

The Agriculture Council of America is responsible for building awareness for this day to recognize agriculture, and how it’s the main staple in almost everything we eat, wear and use. In this day and age, most of us are disconnected from agriculture, which is a problem because while an average American farmer was responsible for feeding about 25 people in the 1960s, today’s farmer feeds an average of 144 people, an increase of over 100 percent in just under 60 years. However, by bringing awareness to agriculture, we can help young adults choose to work in this sector.

During National Ag Day, we should take the time to learn and then to teach our kids about ways to promote our environment and improve agricultural practices to make sure every person in our country has an adequate food supply.

What Can You Do to Bring Awareness to National Ag Day?

The Agriculture Council of America promotes a national campaign for this day that allows “producers, agricultural associations, corporations, universities, government agencies and countless others across America join together to recognize the contributions of agriculture,” according to

We encourage you to organize a National Ag Day event in your local community; consider working with a local library to host an awareness event or plan a neighborhood breakfast. recommends other ideas, which include:

  • Farmer’s market event
  • Mall exhibit
  • School field trip
  • Health & nutrition fair
  • Pizza party

Work with your local media to guarantee press for the event, which would allow those not able to physically attend to understand its importance and message. Download National Ag Day logos, flyers and brochures to pass around to promote the event.

How is Dr. Willard’s® Celebrating National Ag Day?

At Dr. Willard’s®, we recognize the importance of agriculture every single day, not just in March. We are committed to helping farmers all over the world grow abundant and healthy harvests to feed their family and community with the use PlantCatalyst®.

Our agricultural product allows farmers to cut the use of traditional fertilizers in half, promoting the health of their crops and the state of the environment. We want that benefit to be known all over the world, which is why we are currently working with ACDI/VOCA to help small shareholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa increase their agricultural yield by using PlantCatalyst®.

While that study is being held, we also celebrate this as the first full growing season since The American Journal of Plant Nutrition and Fertilization Technology published a study about PlantCatalyst®, where it was conclusively proven that this product significantly increases seed germination, growth rate, plant strength, health and yield. The study’s results showed that PlantCatalyst®:

  • generated 24% more tomatoes
  • 46% more bell peppers
  • 52% more jalapeño peppers
  • led to a reduction in germination timelines of nearly 15%

We believe that when the typical American farmer will be having to feed not 144 people, but 250, 500 or more, the answer to growing more abundant and healthier food is PlantCatalyst®. Try it for yourself to find out!


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