Woof Woof: Celebrate National Puppy Day!

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows the joys of coming home to the excited tail wagging of a puppy. One lifestyle expert and dog lover, Colleen Paige, created a day to celebrate puppies and bring awareness to the millions of orphaned puppies looking for loving homes in the US and all over the world.

Established in 2006, National Puppy Day, held on March 23rd, has now become world-famous! With the motto, “Adopt! Don’t Shop!” the organizers have encouraged potential dog owners to consider adding on to their families.

Ways to Celebrate National Puppy Day


The best way to help puppies is to save the life of one without a home and provide them with the love all pets deserve. It’s easier than ever to find a puppy for your specific needs; whether you want a specific size or breed, or prefer a guard dog or a hiking companion.

There are national registries that work with local shelters, such as www.adoptapet.com, which can help you search for a puppy in your area. However, a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday is to drive to a local shelter and meet excited and grateful puppies looking for their forever homes!

Donate to a Local Shelter

If you can’t commit to adopting at this time, you can support pets and shelters by making a donation. Whether you can donate funds, food, toys or supplies, shelter staff would be grateful for anything that can help them care for the puppies and raise awareness to find them suitable homes.

If you can’t afford a donation, consider volunteering at a pet shelter to play with the puppies, help with cleanup or host visitors.

Help to Eradicate Puppy Mills

Unfortunately, many puppies that are sold in traditional pet stores come from puppy mills. As adorable as that may sound, these are actually dangerous places that subject dogs to great risk.

A puppy mill is a location whose owners breed puppies for sale; since they are profit-motivated, these individuals impregnate the dogs on a regular basis, which causes harm to their health and the health of their offspring.

Puppy mill owners keep the dogs in inhumane living conditions, kept outside in any extreme heat, snow or rain. They are often held in dirty cages and not fed a proper and healthy diet.

To do your part to eradicate puppy mills, you can stage a peaceful protest in front of a pet store which you know gets their puppies from mills or write to your local Congress representative encouraging them to ban ban puppy mills in your state.

To show our love of dogs, Dr. Willard’s® is holding a Pet Lover of the Year Contest, which encourages dog owners to share their pet adoption stories. We want to help those families that are considering adoption hear the challenges and the ultimate rewards of pet ownership. Visit our website (www.drwillard.com) to share your story with us and with our Dr. Willard’s® family. If your entry is chosen, you can win a trip to Atlantic City!


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