Gardening Season is upon us!

Those of us who are outdoor gardeners sometimes view spring with a mix of trepidation and unbridled joy. The joy comes from knowing that gardening season is nearly upon us (or already here if you live in southern US climates) and the trepidation comes from knowing that a late frost, or a bug infestation, or a very determined animal can destroy hours of hard work.
For me gardening season really begins when I start planting seeds in germination trays as I prepare for the upcoming season’s next round of PlantCatalyst® research. While I consider myself a hobby gardener, the primary reason for my
annual garden is to continue exploring how and why my grandfather’s invention, what we call PlantCatalyst®, works. I first built a research garden at our facility to help me answer some questions being posed by Dr. Neil Reese, a biology professor who was conducting a series of studies on PlantCatalyst® that would eventually be published in the American Journal of Plant Nutrition and Fertilization Technology. Dr. Reese was contemplating adding a series of germination trials to the greenhouse studies he’d already conducted, and had asked me to provide some information that might help him make a more informed decision. I built a research garden and embarked on a fairly extensive germination test involving hundreds of plants from several different species in order to answer some of the questions he was posing.
What I found, and later third party and university studies have now validated, is that PlantCatalyst® has an amazing effect on plant germination. Not only does it stimulate germination and increase the rate and speed of germination, but it also significantly enhances root growth and plant strength out of germination. We’re also finding that this effect carries over throughout the entire life of the plant and that those plant treated with PlantCatalyst® at the time of germination grow faster, bigger, and have much greater yield. That’s not, of course, to say that it’s not necessary to use PlantCatalyst® throughout the growing cycle. We found that there is a fairly big difference between the one time use and later applications but just one application can indeed affect your plants. It’s really quite fascinating!

We’ve also been getting testing done on a variety of continents and soil types and I’m happy to report the results have been the same in that adding PlantCatalyst® has a tremendous impact on plant germination, growth and yield. Some of the studies are showing an increase of 40-50% even when fertilizer is reduced by 50% or more!
You don’t have to just take my word for it, though. PlantCatalyst® is very inexpensive, especially when you factor in the 50% reduction in fertilizer, and very easy to use. In an effort to help you give it a shot I’m offering a special on PlantCatalyst® for the next couple of weeks. We’ll give half off a quart of our PlantCatalyst® and we’ll pay the shipping! A quart of PlantCatalyst® normally sells for $45 but you can get it for $22.50, and we’ll pay the shipping!
Buying it is easy too! You can either call us toll free at 888-379-4552 and mention the PlantCatalyst® special or you can visit our website at, click on Buy Products, and when prompted enter the code aprilpc and we’ll do the rest.
As always, I thank you for taking time to read our posts and for your continued support.
Have a happy spring!
John Willard III

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  1. Judy Franklin

    I start my flowers and veggies in my aerogardens every year. This year I added a bit of Plant Catalyst, and have been pleased with the results. I will be experimenting with the product in my little greenhouse this summer, and would love to hear of others’ experiences with it.


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