Celebrate Men’s Health Week!

Father’s Day is a time for all Americans to honor their fathers and grandfathers; however, June is also a time for men of all ages to take the time to focus on their health during Men’s Health Month. A Congressional health education program supports events around the country that urge boys and men to get screenings to encourage early detection of possible health concerns as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This message is carried out through health fairs, educational activities and media outreach. Dr. Willard’s® encourages all men to make the most out of Men’s Health Month with these five tips.

Ways to Make the Most out of National Health Month

  1. Learn the Facts

Simply taking time to learn the facts about men’s health can provide a great incentive to change one’s lifestyle to be more health conscious. For example, did you know that men have a shorter average lifespan than women do? The number one cause of death for men is heart disease, which was the reason for one in every four male deaths in 2009 in the United States. Heart disease is a general term for various conditions, such as coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, arrhythmia, etc. Fifty percent of the males who were killed by coronary heart disease had absolutely no symptoms.

The second cause of death for men is cancer, with lung, prostate and colorectal being the top three causes of death. In 2014, out of the 855,000 men who had cancer, 233,000 had prostate cancer, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center. Lung cancer, although less common than prostate, is responsible for more deaths; about 75 percent of men diagnosed with lung cancer die from it.

2. Make a Doctor’s Appointment

Whether you feel you are too busy or simply dread going to the doctor’s office, during Men’s Health Week, make an annual visit to your physician. This is imperative for early detection of any health conditions, many of which can be cured with the right intervention strategies. Serious health concerns, such as cancer, will only get worse without treatment; however, early detection can literally save the life of a man.

Not all doctors are created equal; they have different philosophies and ideas about patient care. If you don’t already have a family doctor, take the time to carefully research a good match for you. Websites like Yelp.com and Healthgrades.com offer honest ratings and reviews about a doctor near you. Healthgrades also offers information about the doctor’s experience and medical training, as well as allowing patients to verify that the doctor operates in their chosen hospital.

Finally, if you have insurance, verify that the doctor you choose is in network with your particular plan. Choosing an out of network physician can result in high deductible and copay costs that you may not have anticipated.

3. Change Your Lifestyle

National Men’s Health Month brings awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle for men. When celebrating Father’s Day, dads should impart this wisdom (after learning it themselves) to their sons, so that they can encourage generations of healthy men to ensue. The two leading causes of male deaths, heart disease and cancer, can be prevented to some degree with lifestyle choices.

To maintain a healthy heart, men should monitor their blood sugar to prevent diabetes, eat healthy to avoid being overweight or obese, exercise to promote heart health and limit the use of alcohol.

4. Prevent Cancer

To prevent cancer, men should stop smoking and drinking excessive alcohol, exercise and eat a diet low in red and processed meats and high-fat dairy.

5. Fuel your body

To fuel your body, add Dr. Willard’s Water® as a supplement to your daily drinking and vitamin supplement regimen. You can choose between Willard Water® CLEAR, Willard Water® Dark and Willard Water® ULTIMATE concentrates to help your body absorb more vitamins (especially water soluble vitamins), antioxidants (especially green tea and Vitamin E), minerals and nutrients from the food you eat and the supplements you take.

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