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It’s important to stay well hydrated

As we all bake in this summer’s oppressive heat it’s extremely important to stay well hydrated at all times.  75% of our bodies’ weight is comprised of water and that water is distributed in different compartments  throughout the body. Lean muscle tissue contains about 75% water, blood contains 83%, body fat contains 25%, and bone is 22% water.  It’s safe to say that every single bodily function requires water to effectively perform and that’s why adequate hydration is so essential to maintaining good health.

But how do we ensure we’re getting enough water.  For starters ( provides a great chart to help you track how many ounces of water your body will likely need on a daily basis.  In hot weather like this, though, it’s also important to keep in mind that you’re likely losing more water through sweat so it’s always better to err on the side of caution and drink more water.  Another great way to ensure hydration is by making sure you’re adding Willard Water to your drinks.

In fact, one of the very first experiments Dr. Willard performed with his newly invented Willard Water involved hydration.  As a professor of chemistry at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Dr. Willard had a readily available supply of test subjects in his students and they were always willing to work with him on his studies.  Even today, we’re constantly hearing from Dr. Willard’s former students regarding those “early days” of Willard Water development and the studies he did on hydration were apparently very popular.  What Dr. Willard and his students found in these studies is that the Willard Water not only helps the body deliver nutrients, minerals and electrolytes throughout the body but it also helps the cells absorb, and retain, that much needed water.  Subsequent studies on both plants and animals indicated that the Willard Water actually works BETTER under more extreme heat and dehydration conditions.

So, if you’re worried about hydration in the dog days of summer, remember to add some Willard Water to your daily routine.  It will help keep you well hydrated and healthy as your body struggles to keep up with these record temperatures.  As an added incentive, use the coupon code hot2011 on our website at or when calling us at 888-379-4552 and you’ll get 25% off your entire order.

Stay safe and enjoy!

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Silicon: What is it good for and why do our bodies need it?

Silica, or silicon, is the most abundant element on Earth, after oxygen. Most people know a little something about silicon and how it’s used in our everyday lives such as in computer chips and some forms of breast implants. But few of us would consider that silicon is something our bodies actually need to be healthy.

For example, our bodies use silicon, along with calcium, to grow and maintain strong bones. It is also an important anti-aging nutrient and a major player in preventing osteoporosis. Silica is responsible for cross-linking collagen strands which contributes to the strength, integrity, and flexibility of connective tissues such as those found in skin, bones, nails, and arteries. Silicon is also important for the growth of hair, skin and fingernails.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, research at the Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center (GFHNRC) has shown that low dietary silicon decreases the bone and blood concentrations of substances that stimulate cells to form joint and bone cartilage and initiate bone calcification in experimental animals. Low dietary silicon also has been shown by the GFHNRC to increase the excretion of products resulting from collagen and bone breakdown and loss, which are used as markers of osteoporosis risk. The recent research confirms that silicon stimulates the formation of collagen, a protein that gives bones their strength and flexibility, joint cartilage its cushioning ability, and a scaffold upon which bone mineralization occurs.

USDA also says that scientists at King’s College and St. Thomas’ hospital in London, England in collaboration with scientists from Harvard and Tufts Universities in the United States have reported that there is a “significant positive association” between the density of bone and silicon intake in men and in premenopausal women. In addition, scientists at the University of Mons-Hainaut in Belgium have found that silicon is an essential component in bioactive glasses or materials used as bone substitutes upon which new bone can grow in humans with serious bone injury.

Unfortunately our soil is deficient in silica, and therefore our diet is also somewhat deficient in silica. Although evidence is accumulating that shows an inadequate intake of silicon may contribute to the risk of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, very little is known about its requirement. According to USDA, a daily intake of 5 to 10 mg of highly absorbable silicon probably will be found adequate. However, not all food silicon is highly absorbable so USDA recommends a higher intake than this in order to reach desired absorption levels.

This is another great reason to make Willard Water a part of your regular vitamin supplement regimen. Silicon is one of the more abundant trace minerals found in Willard Water and Dr. Willard’s patented catalyst will help our bodies more efficiently absorb this silicon. While scientists still have a great deal more to learn about silicon, it’s safe to say that everyone needs more and Willard Water can help our bodies get it.

For more information on this, and other good facts on Willard Water, visit our website,, or call us at 888-379-4552.

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John Willard III on the Dr. Bob Martin Show

John Willard III was on The Dr. Bob Martin Show on January 23rd. We thought you would love to hear the interview. Thanks Doctor Bob Martin!

Click the link to listen:

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Why Drink Dr. Willard’s?

The B vitamins are important for the proper formation of every cell in our body. They are also essential for the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose, which provides us energy, the breakdown of fats and proteins, which aids the normal functioning of the nervous system, muscle tone in the stomach and intestinal tract, and healthy skin, hair and eyes. Since these vitamins affect such important elements of the body, it’s absolutely vital for everyone to maintain proper amounts of B vitamins. That’s where Willard Water comes in.

Studies show that Willard Water helps the body’s cells absorb more of the nutrients we need to maintain optimum health and is particularly effective in maximizing absorption of B vitamins. Drinking Willard Water as part of your daily vitamin supplement routine helps to ensure proper levels of B vitamins and other essential nutrients. If you care about good health, you’ll drink Willard Water. For more information on how Willard Water can help you maintain optimal health, visit their website at or call them toll free at 888-379-4552.

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What is Dr. Willard’s Water®?

During a complex and patented chemical process the CAW micelle, an electrical charged colloidal particle that is the core ingredient of Dr. Willard’s Water®, is created.  This CAW micelle causes the formation of “a catalyst that alters the structure of water, making water behave in a manner that heretofore has not been reported in the literature” as stated by Dr. Willard.

The micelle is an extremely small, very high energy particle with a powerful negative magnetic field. When added to ordinary water, it causes a change in the “ordinary” water molecules that can be likened to the difference between diamonds and graphite — both being made of carbon but with differing molecular structures. This new water molecule structure serves as a catalyst that seems to accelerate and enhance the body’s natural processes.  Both Dr. Willard’s Water® and ordinary water consist of H2O molecules but the structure makes all the difference!

Dr. Willard’s Water® is not a nutrient, but a vehicle by which nutrients are carried throughout the body’s cells, and by which waste is carried away from the cells with water as a means of transportation.  Animal research has shown that Dr. Willard’s Water® significantly increases the body’s ability to fully absorb essential vitamins and nutrients!

Dr. Willard’s Water® has been tested and analyzed by many reputable laboratories and universities all around the world.  While the reasons behind how Dr. Willard’s Water® actually works remains somewhat of a mystery, the amazing effects of ingesting Dr. Willard’s Water® are well documented.   

Today Dr. Willard’s® products are still manufactured by Dr. Willard’s family business, CAW Industries, Inc.,  using state of the art mixing, filling, processing and FDA-approved facilities. Consistency, purity and cleanliness are always maintained throughout the production process.  While there are many authorized distributors, CAW Industries Inc. is the ORIGINAL and ONLY manufacturer of Dr. Willard’s® products.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and Willard Water is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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